Personal Introduction.

Personal Introduction

I am currently studying Game Art Animation at SAE Institute now within my first year of study. Having a great interest in both games for many years across all platforms and art for the most part of my life I felt that it would be appropriate for me to study this course.  As a person I like to see myself as a creative, caring and respectful individual with a few oddities. I have gained these traits throughout many key points within my life;  aside from being brought up in a way that taught me manners and how to treat people with respect I find that these have been expanded on during my time in college.

While in college I studied both a level 3 BTEC in Art and Design and a Foundation Diploma also in Art and Design. Both courses where orientated to prepare students for university and careers working to a strict deadline and to a professional standard, meaning tutors where treated as clients it was during this where I felt not only my creative skills expand but again the professional traits needed throughout all life situations.  For a brief period of time I also worked within a charity fundraising company as a door to door fundraiser this was for both Cruk (Cancer Research UK) and Action Aid during this period of working I had to deal with many different opinions and reactions, learning how to deal with these with a friendly approach.

Within the recent years I have considered many career options studying media and film studies and As Level I had the desire to become an animator although not gaining the skills needed during these courses for it I felt learning from an Art direction would be the best option for the first year of studies my mind was set on becoming a tattoo artist and in order to expand this i focused more on illustration and graphics although not forgetting about the animation aspiration.  Towards the end of my college studies I felt the need to head back down the animation route and therefore applied to study at SAE this was my only choice for university after attending a UCAS convention.

All previous works of mine have been uploaded to Instagram as well as more recent updates and methods that I continue to explore.  Alongside this I also have another WordPress Blog that was used for College if interested both links will be left below.

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