Group Project

Starting within a main group project composed of four people including myself we first began brainstorming ideas.  From this our outcome and chosen theme was a ‘dystopian steampunk.’ Within this group we had the base roles for game art; Character Design, Creature Design, Vehicle Design and Environmental Artists. For me my role within the group is the environmental artist, looking and researching scenery such as deserts, abandoned locations and Victorian architecture.

T0 start off my project I began in researching steampunk, already having some knowledge of the sci-fi sub culture however wanting to expand on previous knowledge. When initially thinking of steampunk within games I think of Bioshock Infinite, Skyrim (Dwemer race) and Assassins Creed Syndicate to name a few. Therefore I used these games as a basis to my research and looking at the styles used within the scenery. Once I had a general idea of the style I began looking up documentaries on Youtube. It was from one of these I learnt that steampunk is essentially all inclusive and goes ass far as your own imagination can take you with the base idea of sci-fi, fantasy and historical fiction merged within the one.

For visual references I found that studying local museums would be the best advantage for me as well as the surrounding architecture examples of these being MOSI and Liverpool Museum both focusing strongly on the industrial revolution and early 19th century. Although references will be alternating throughout the conceptual stage for whatever is best suited to the story being told.  All upcoming works will be uploaded along with key references to the drawings.


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