Rock Observations and Ideas

Within the past series of weeks I have been working in a group project on my Game Art Animation course at SAE Institute. The theme for our project was a steampunk, dystopian society in which I was placed as the environmental artist. Before working digitally to create the conceptual pieces I produced a series of hand drawn illustrations and observations. I felt that rocks where a good starting point for the concept pieces as we had already decided the main environment shown would be a desert scene composed of a Victorian era city, blimps and an open desert.


My first idea was to experiment with this idea of crystals within the scenery but realizing this would be too out of place I came to the decision not to go forward with this plan. For the drawing element on a lot of these I have used Faber-Castell Pitt Pens and a Pentel Sign Pen, this is so they where easier to identify while scanning in as well as making them a lot more defined. This will be an advantage during the digital stages of the project because i will already have the base idea and line shape of the items I want to place throughout the world. This will also help me if I was to rearrange the composition before adding colour and details.


Again using the same materials on this technical concept piece I started looking into the rock formations within deserts and tried to show the jagged edges of the rocks. Although I was trying to keep my technical drawings relatively simple I still feel that more detail could be added to define the directions and shape of the rock.


Unlike the other rock ideas I used acrylic paints for this observation, studying the tonal values of the rocks in a simplified form again this is going to be a help when composing a digital image.  However in saying this I believe for a wide shot desert scene this tightly packed close image would be too detailed and feel out of place with not only the rest of the composition but also the other elements of the groups project.


Starting the use layout paper more within my drawings I felt that I was able to achieve a cleaner finish to my lines and tonal weight, within the above image I started by exploring the various types of rocks.  When looking at the end result now I find that more details could have been added once again to identify what kind of rocks these where although I have briefly defined where the shapes would be and the angle of light.

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The final three drawings I believe will be the most successful and useful when composing a final concept piece together in some very little detail is shown therefore I would have to add more when working on the pieces digitally, this also applies to the scaling and placement of the rocks. As for the larger composition of rocks in order to be used throughout my work I think this would be better suited as a background or “filler” rock.

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