Desert Conceptualisation.

Following on from the rock observations needed within the group project I have began working on concept ideas and further observations of desert scenery, using a range of mixed mediums but again narrowing down on using the Pitt pens to create a more illustrative finish on the pieces.


For this observation I have used acrylics paints, although they appear very thinned down and semi transparent no water was used. However I believe this could be the result of scanning the image under a strong light, only wanting to do a rough observation and not spend much time on the painting I decided I would take on an impressionistic style and approach to the final piece.  The brush stroke are very loose and the mixing and blending on the paint was done directly on the paper leaving this rough finish.


Following on from the previous observation piece I chose to create a technical drawing that would be used when transferring the work digitally, having previously done the piece in paints I was able to see the defined lines a lot more when overlaying the layout paper. I quickly sketched out the image in a pencil altering the placements of some of the rocks and where they hit the horizon line. I also wanted to show the direction the ‘sand’ would be moving or blowing therefore I placed in various weighted lines across the frontal body of the image.


I decided I wanted to start looking into the idea of line weight a bit more within my technical drawings. To start with exploring this I chose an appropriate point of lighting in this case being a back light. Everywhere the strongest light hits was a thinner line, contrasting to this, where there was no light touching would be a thicker line. Once again I started drawing in the shapes and directions of the rocks although this could have been done with a lot more attention to detail. Separate to the desert I also experimented vaguely with brush pens and taking on a more simplified style this can been shown within the  cactus of this. After reviewing the theme for the project (Steampunk, Dystopia) I decided that the cactus would not fit in although experimenting with the shapes a bit more to attempt and alter these into nails or screws.


Taking two of the previous rock drawings i started composing a new image together using both the Pitt pens and pro-markers. For the highlights a white gel pen was used this also accented the texture withing the distant rocks in which I struggled to capture the shape of. I find that this method was useful towards achieving an end result within my work knowing how these two image played together I learnt that the framing of the concept piece would have to larger and aspects such as the foreground rocks would have to be reduced in size. Therefore allowing room for other elements such as the city or blimp.

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