Progress on Key Weakness’

Continuing on from the previous post about strength and weakness’ I felt that looking at how I could develop and progress on a weakness more in depth would be  good topic to focus on. Therefore looking at how I struggle talking in groups and public speaking I am going to explore way in which I could improve.

Firstly I chose to explore the different ways in which I could calm down stress levels,  meditation came across to be the key one such as spending as little as five minutes to relax and draw myself away. However this is a difficult thing to do when standing in front of a crowd presenting to them. Another aspect which I looked into aside from meditation was to bring humor in to the presentation and try to laugh off the nerves within a professional manner.  Although I feel as though this would be the second step towards being able to speak publicly.

A method that could work throughout everyone is to practice with other people first as I learn’t through my time working as a door to door fundraiser alongside having a well rehearsed speech.  This could be expanded on more by adding more people each time until feeling fully comfortable to talk within and to a large group. I feel as though I would like to try some of these methods in practice to fully say if they work or not and see how the end result is for me talking in a group. Alongside developing skills within public speaking I feel as though some of these building exercises can be carried throughout other activities in life, such as talking to a client or being in interviews.

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