Digital Work Rust Practice 1

Leaving behind the technical drawings and hand drawn images focusing towards ‘Project Sloth’ I have started exploring digital work the two programs used within this have been Photoshop Cs5 and Photoshop CC2015 alongside this two tablets have been used due to working on multiple locations. One being a ‘Wacom intuos pen and touch’ the other ‘Ugee2100.’ I found the transition from an on screen display tablet to a standard graphics tablet to be fairly difficult, this also goes for the programs as the quality and finishing on individual concept pieces are different.

For starting off this project I wanted to get more familiar with the textures i would be rendering and drawing throughout the environment starting with rust. This is because of its primary focus within the final idea. Drawing out circle I started drawing from a reference picture attempting the mimic the texture given.

rust This was the texture I was attempting to mimic however, now looking at my finished piece the outcome was not as I would have hoped. I feel that the hue of the image is too strong and that it is not saturated enough. Alongside this the rustic elements which are a key factor where not captured as I would have liked them to be. In order to achieve a more worn look the lighter area could have a higher variation of tonal values also a few more ‘grains’ could be included giving a more 3 dimensional appearance.

Rust Attempt 1:


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