Developing the Concepts.

from previous drawn concepts and thumbnail work I began converting and expanding ideas within Photoshop hoping to finalise on a style. For the first of these concept piece I used a fashion model to roughly get the human anatomy then refined this further. Making sure to work in separate layers throughout the work flow. I ensured that the outfit idea was on its own layer, the same went for the hair and other aesthetics such as tattoos/ branding.  KasdeiaRavadaVersion1 Not putting too much focus on the initial design ideas I used block colouring. As for the main focus of this concept a range of techniques where used. Again, I ensured the various parts; line work, block colours, light angles and shading had there own layers.  The drawing took roughly around 3 hours to complete not including any tweaking for the shading I used the size 17 chalk brush as I feel this has best airflow and blending. Unfortunately this brush didn’t work too well in terms of the armour or dress rather than using a brush that blends well I should have used a fine detail one able to capture the rustic feeling of Kasdeia’s clothing. To add in the fantasy elements and reinforce that she was a demon tamer I took inspiration from Chris Ryniaks morning scribbles series and altered the design briefly. In a later piece when working out the demons this would developed on further.  As a subtle detail to bring the finalised concept on her appearance together I used a smoke brush on low transparency and changed the colour to a soft cyan in order to reflect the mysterious notion of summoning demons.

Other conceptual pieces I carried out during this stage included refining the poses that I would later be sculpting Kasdeia around to make these poses more interesting I gave Kasdeia different weapons and demons ensuring to keep them relative to the poses she was in.

From the three poses the combat where she is using the whip had to be my favourite as it captured how fierce of a fighter the character is alongside reinforcing her backstory of being forced as an animal tamer.

References I used within these pieces include:

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Life Drawing Further Practice.

Working more on the traditional side of things I began sketching out more studies on human anatomy. For this I drew a range of sources mainly focusing on various poses of the female body.

As these where very quick studies not much detail was put into them. I slightly added in cross hatching to show where the shaded lines would be however, I felt I needed to focus on proportions more within the pieces. When focusing on the proportions I simplified the life drawing down into the out lines. This helped me focus more on the proportionality such as the amount of heads the body would be. 

Unfortunately due to the scanner quality the images where distorted or didn’t show through as clearly. Due to this I then had to take the images from my phone camera and alter them digitally to view at a high enough quality.

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I feel that in continuing to practice the life drawing it helped me understand human anatomy when drawing out the concept pieces although more practice could be taken forward when 3d modelling.

Stone Texture Study

Another video uploaded for “Project Sloth” within this speed drawing I am creating a texture study of stone using a mix of blending techniques and lighting knowledge. If you would like to see more of my videos as they get uploaded please feel free to have a look over on my channel at;

Architectural Studies


Due to the theme of the project steampunk I thought it would be coherent to look into Victorian architecture starting with a simple technical study of a band stand. Wanting to achieve correct proportions within the piece I used a ruler to line up with the reference image and drawing. However, even within doing this I found the end result to have been too elongated when in comparison to the original.  The proportions of the band stand is an aspect I would like to work on within developing my drawing skills.


The above image was intended to be a quick study without paying too much attention to the proportions and scale I attempted to capture the shape of the building. For an illustrative affect I started going over where I believed the strongest features of the building to be I used a Pentel sign pen for this however, once completed I felt the image was too plain and needed a base colour to this would also be useful when transferring digitally. I wanted to create a soft warm feeling as though within a desert and without being too vibrant within the base tone therefore used the light pink. As the image stands I find that it would be suited to fill in a skyline or cliff side, this is something I will be exploring when creating thumbnails and finalised concept sketches.


Following on again with the illustrative style I started exploring local architecture that felt suited to the time period. First studying the town hall in a loose manner I briefly sketched out the image not taking much care when working on the proportions.  Once again this is something I would like to expand on. I used the Pentel sign pen within a few of these pieces not only because of the bold end result but also due to the scanner picking up the lines with a higher resolution making the images easily transferable when converting to digital drawings.


The next building I looked at within local architecture was the glass house. Throughout this drawing I wanted to show the rendering of glass therefore included the reflection and light through a series of thin weighted lines.  When showing the structure and frame of the building I used a heavier line weight more so around the edge which I feel brought together the finalised drawing more so than if I was to leave the line weight the same as the internal structure.

img015img014The two images on the left here are once again of local architecture, now with the top half of the building being unused plants have began growing from the top. The reference image I have gone off for this however was of an older date therefore did not capture the abandoned feeling from the building. Starting with the coloured piece in which I used watercolours on, for this I wanted to go for a semi realistic look however still aiming for the illustrative style. Very little detail is added within this piece which is something I would possibly like to focus on more within the digital part of the project the reason I never added much detail within the hand drawn part was to prevent it being too difficult to find the defined lines when repeating in a technical drawing.  I still feel as though it was somewhat difficult  to find the correct lines because of the colour. Because of this I believe it is evident that some aspects of the building are missing or not the correct scale when compared to other parts.  This can easily be fixed within Photoshop therefore I will be taking this method when drawing out the architectural elements of the piece.


The final technical drawing from the local architecture I believe is the most successful, taking in aspects that could have been improved on in past pieces. Although the proportion could still do with some work I find it still molds in nicely with other elements across the building. For the background I used a cool grey 4 ProMarker this was applied after the initial sketch because I didn’t want to bleed the inks from the Pentel sign pen.  The scale of this piece is A5 and because of this I found it increasingly difficult to achieve the details I would have liked, to compensate for this next time a thinner pen could be used.  Wanting to achieve the correct perspective I used a ruler and marker out the guidelines within a white gel pen, sticking to a one point perspective across the piece.

Desert Conceptualisation.

Following on from the rock observations needed within the group project I have began working on concept ideas and further observations of desert scenery, using a range of mixed mediums but again narrowing down on using the Pitt pens to create a more illustrative finish on the pieces.


For this observation I have used acrylics paints, although they appear very thinned down and semi transparent no water was used. However I believe this could be the result of scanning the image under a strong light, only wanting to do a rough observation and not spend much time on the painting I decided I would take on an impressionistic style and approach to the final piece.  The brush stroke are very loose and the mixing and blending on the paint was done directly on the paper leaving this rough finish.


Following on from the previous observation piece I chose to create a technical drawing that would be used when transferring the work digitally, having previously done the piece in paints I was able to see the defined lines a lot more when overlaying the layout paper. I quickly sketched out the image in a pencil altering the placements of some of the rocks and where they hit the horizon line. I also wanted to show the direction the ‘sand’ would be moving or blowing therefore I placed in various weighted lines across the frontal body of the image.


I decided I wanted to start looking into the idea of line weight a bit more within my technical drawings. To start with exploring this I chose an appropriate point of lighting in this case being a back light. Everywhere the strongest light hits was a thinner line, contrasting to this, where there was no light touching would be a thicker line. Once again I started drawing in the shapes and directions of the rocks although this could have been done with a lot more attention to detail. Separate to the desert I also experimented vaguely with brush pens and taking on a more simplified style this can been shown within the  cactus of this. After reviewing the theme for the project (Steampunk, Dystopia) I decided that the cactus would not fit in although experimenting with the shapes a bit more to attempt and alter these into nails or screws.


Taking two of the previous rock drawings i started composing a new image together using both the Pitt pens and pro-markers. For the highlights a white gel pen was used this also accented the texture withing the distant rocks in which I struggled to capture the shape of. I find that this method was useful towards achieving an end result within my work knowing how these two image played together I learnt that the framing of the concept piece would have to larger and aspects such as the foreground rocks would have to be reduced in size. Therefore allowing room for other elements such as the city or blimp.

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