Developing the Concepts.

from previous drawn concepts and thumbnail work I began converting and expanding ideas within Photoshop hoping to finalise on a style. For the first of these concept piece I used a fashion model to roughly get the human anatomy then refined this further. Making sure to work in separate layers throughout the work flow. I ensured that the outfit idea was on its own layer, the same went for the hair and other aesthetics such as tattoos/ branding.  KasdeiaRavadaVersion1 Not putting too much focus on the initial design ideas I used block colouring. As for the main focus of this concept a range of techniques where used. Again, I ensured the various parts; line work, block colours, light angles and shading had there own layers.  The drawing took roughly around 3 hours to complete not including any tweaking for the shading I used the size 17 chalk brush as I feel this has best airflow and blending. Unfortunately this brush didn’t work too well in terms of the armour or dress rather than using a brush that blends well I should have used a fine detail one able to capture the rustic feeling of Kasdeia’s clothing. To add in the fantasy elements and reinforce that she was a demon tamer I took inspiration from Chris Ryniaks morning scribbles series and altered the design briefly. In a later piece when working out the demons this would developed on further.  As a subtle detail to bring the finalised concept on her appearance together I used a smoke brush on low transparency and changed the colour to a soft cyan in order to reflect the mysterious notion of summoning demons.

Other conceptual pieces I carried out during this stage included refining the poses that I would later be sculpting Kasdeia around to make these poses more interesting I gave Kasdeia different weapons and demons ensuring to keep them relative to the poses she was in.

From the three poses the combat where she is using the whip had to be my favourite as it captured how fierce of a fighter the character is alongside reinforcing her backstory of being forced as an animal tamer.

References I used within these pieces include:

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Strength and Weaknesses

Having recently being presented with two projects in which I had to both create and present oral performances of selected topics I felt this post was appropriate to make. Looking at myself and how I go about tasks I started identifying my strengths and weaknesses one example being how I struggle to talk in front of people and never know how to word myself. Even though this is a weakness of mine I find that when typing out what it is that I would like to say my message comes across a lot clearer therefore I would say that academic and formal writing for me is a strength.

This has not always been the case though where as during my studies in school my English both in writing and oral was below the average standards. Outside of language abilities and communication I found that I have a lot more strengths and weaknesses about me. Coming from a creative background and studying from a fine art perspective I always try and achieve this hyper realistic finish to my work and pick out faults. This has both up and down factors such as how I feel I am never finished on a piece of work, once completed and reviewing I will find a slight detail out of place and want to start over again although because of this I find myself working to higher standards. In a sense this could be a set back when working within the game industry as an animator/ artist because of the high demand of work and deadlines to meet along with having to accompany one style of work with other team members. This again is a skill I am hoping to develop on.

Briefly looking into a few more strength and weaknesses of mine and only naming a few I find that i tend to steer off topic a lot within all fields of my work this again relating back to meeting a brief and deadlines. I’d like to think of myself as hardworking and constantly creating pieces although sometimes this can be too much where as I could focus on the one piece for an extended amount of time. A final weakness that I have noticed within myself is how I struggle to concentrate on written pieces where as I would much rather be hands on with my work.

Overall I believe it is safe to say that even if something is a weakness there can always be a plus side to this and room to improve, all strengths come with a downside and all weaknesses come with a positive.

Personal Introduction.

Personal Introduction

I am currently studying Game Art Animation at SAE Institute now within my first year of study. Having a great interest in both games for many years across all platforms and art for the most part of my life I felt that it would be appropriate for me to study this course.  As a person I like to see myself as a creative, caring and respectful individual with a few oddities. I have gained these traits throughout many key points within my life;  aside from being brought up in a way that taught me manners and how to treat people with respect I find that these have been expanded on during my time in college.

While in college I studied both a level 3 BTEC in Art and Design and a Foundation Diploma also in Art and Design. Both courses where orientated to prepare students for university and careers working to a strict deadline and to a professional standard, meaning tutors where treated as clients it was during this where I felt not only my creative skills expand but again the professional traits needed throughout all life situations.  For a brief period of time I also worked within a charity fundraising company as a door to door fundraiser this was for both Cruk (Cancer Research UK) and Action Aid during this period of working I had to deal with many different opinions and reactions, learning how to deal with these with a friendly approach.

Within the recent years I have considered many career options studying media and film studies and As Level I had the desire to become an animator although not gaining the skills needed during these courses for it I felt learning from an Art direction would be the best option for the first year of studies my mind was set on becoming a tattoo artist and in order to expand this i focused more on illustration and graphics although not forgetting about the animation aspiration.  Towards the end of my college studies I felt the need to head back down the animation route and therefore applied to study at SAE this was my only choice for university after attending a UCAS convention.

All previous works of mine have been uploaded to Instagram as well as more recent updates and methods that I continue to explore.  Alongside this I also have another WordPress Blog that was used for College if interested both links will be left below.